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In Birmingham, we have it good. Our communities are routinely ranked among the best places to raise a family. We have great public and private schools. Entertainment options are all around us. The natural beauty of our area is, surprisingly to some, breathtaking. But most of all, the people are friendly and willing to help others. We have our challenges just like any city, but Birmingham is a secret no more.

Bham Family traces its roots to 1999, when it began as a directory of businesses and services for parents. Much has changed over those 20 years, and so has our magazine. We print 14,000 copies each month and make them available for free at more than 500 locations in Jefferson and Shelby Counties. Nearly 50,000 people follow us on Facebook, and our magazine now features quality editorial content, telling stories that parents want to read.

As we move into our 21st year, we have a renewed commitment to our readers, our advertisers, and our community. Is your business one that caters to parents and their children? Partner with us! Are you a parent, grandparent, or guardian in the Birmingham area? Pick up a copy of our magazine, follow us on Facebook or Instagram, and sign up for our email list.

To our advertisers, readers, friends, and family, thank you for making this magazine a reality.

Matthew Allen, Publisher